MarketDeveloper V5.1 is the Latest Generation Online CRM Solution

No matter how complex your marketing, you can create, manage and deliver campaigns across all channels: mail, phone, email and SMS in one clean, clear, single customer view.


MarketDeveloper is intuitive, flexible and endlessly configurable.
V5.1 Online CRM is set up with Zero Effort Implementation and once up and running
can be upgraded and adapted at your request.



Single Customer View

The MarketDeveloper system allows you to view and interact with a contact across all their touch points in a clear, simple Single Customer View.

The Editor Tab allows you to view and easily amend all contact points such as name, address, email and phone number, as well as attach handy notes detailing extra information.

Profile stores all a contact’s marketing information: preferences, survey results etc. Again this can all be tailored to suit your company’s needs

Products: allows you to attach any products associated with the contact

Relations: Details where the contact sits in regards to the rest of your database, here you can see any companies or sites relevant to them.

You can also view History which shows how the person has been contacted in the past, Permissions to comply with all data protection regulations and Sources which let you trace the origins of the information.

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Campaign Manager

  • The MarketDeveloper Campaign Manager provides exceptional Customer Relationship Management Marketing.
  • The Campaign Manager allows users to run sophisticated, multi channel, multi platform campaigns.
  • Channels can be split or merged, allowing users to target their messages precisely.

There is the option to target individuals on their “Top Ranked Contact Point”, which will only send out a message to a single contact point or “All available Contact points”. If the Person has 5 Opted Email address registered this option will send an email to each of the 5 Contact Points.

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Our unique Campaign manager platform ensures you can run a campaign across multiple channels, which can be split or merged together, meaning your message reaches exactly the right people in exactly the right form.

Marketing Automation

MarketDeveloper’s approach to marketing automation is one of flexibility. We understand that each company is different and as such requires its own individual approach to marketing. Our automated marketing software allows you to take complete control over your campaigns, giving you the ability to…

  • Identify and appropriately segment your market
  • Build a contact list on numerous complex parameters
  • Design a superior template
  • Run a multi channel campaign
  • Analyse the results and make the next campaign even better

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content builder

Email Marketing

MarketDeveloper allows users to run an effective email marketing campaign with a configurable and intuitive interface.

Having built a contact list with our Campaign Manager programme you can now design a superior message, using our built in ‘drag and drop’ graphic email builder. The short video shows how easy it is.

Define when you want your Email campaign broadcast and control the volume to manage the response volumes on your servers.

Having run your Email marketing campaign use the superior analytics feature to track details such as how many times your email has been clicked on, opened and read, ensuring the next campaign yields even better results.

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Mobile Marketing

In the light of the rise and rise of mobile devices the role of mobile marketing has significant importance. Furthermore consumers expect to be able to receive information and marketing material via their smart phones and tablet computers. The MarketDeveloper solution easily accommodates mobile marketing and offers a variety of benefits to sending out content on the medium.

  • Choose from a selection of SMS templates
  • Preview and test all messages before sending
  • Send the message out immediately or simply select a time in the future
  • Analyse the success of the delivery


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Query Manager

MarketDeveloper Query Manager provides a way for users to sort through data and bring back specific information.

The simple layout and powerful capabilities make locating specific contacts or segmenting data easy and effective

You can bring back simple information from your database such as all Salesmen living Scotland, to more complex information such as all Scottish Salesmen currently living in Glasgow who read the Guardian, prefer to be contacted by telephone and fly for business reasons more than three times a year!

Query Manager is a good example of how MarketDeveloper allows clients to segment and make sense of complex information and make the best use of big data.

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Conversation Manager

Marketing should be a series of conversations. Conversation Manager from MarketDeveloper helps you achieve real, ongoing, two way communication with each customer. Our highly sophisticated online portals provide a place for brands and customers to have a personalised dialogue.

As a result you can ensure your interaction is effective and authentic, reflecting the conversational marketing ethos of ‘right message, right channel, right time’.

In a world of Social Media and Marketing Automation your customers are bombarded by ‘noise’. Conversation and collaboration are seen as more reliable than marketing messages.

Traditional advertisers and some marketing organizations still compile messages and ‘shout’ them at customers.

The good news is that customers are more than willing to collaborate with brands. You and your customers can work together. Companies who really ‘talk with’ their audience grow their brand allegiance.

With the Conversation Manager you can publish, share and collect any information, such as subscriptions, transactions, orders, offers, opinions and preferences and capture it directly into your database. As well as creating a highly effective marketing model this also ensures your database is kept dynamic and clean.

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