6 reasons that your business needs a CRM solution

Customer-centricity is increasingly becoming viewed as the path to business success. Big commercial names, such as Lloyds Banking, BP & Just Eat, are proud to talk about how putting customers at the heart of what they do has generated impressive results. Customer relationship management – keeping track of, and analysing, customer (and prospect) interaction – provides an essential foundation for successful customer-centricity. Integrating a CRM solution into your organisation could be a transformative step.

1. Get to know your customers

A CRM will capture information about your customers that will provide you with insights into their wants and needs, and perspective on how they view your business. From this you can develop marketing and products – and tailor sales activities – that are crafted with the customer at their heart. Not only does this provide the opportunity to benefit from a more accurate and streamlined use of your resources but your customers will also feel more engaged with, and appreciated by, your brand.

2.  Don’t drop the communications ball

It’s impossible to put customers at the centre of your strategy if you have no safety net when it comes to contact. A CRM provides that safety net, ensuring that you don’t have customers who are never contacted, complaints that are never dealt with or contact requests that are never answered. A CRM will not only enable you to see where you are with customers but also to assign tasks so that nothing gets missed.

3. Optimise your efforts

Many businesses find that they are doing exceptionally well with a small percentage of customers but the rest are a bit of a mystery. With a CRM you can use tools, such as marketing automation, to begin optimising your marketing efforts with all of your customers to achieve new levels of business growth. Nurturing customers through techniques such as email drip campaigns and organising information to make the most of opportunities and contact means that the resources poured into marketing are fully optimised.

4. Implement consistent quality standards

The use of a CRM ensures that every customer in contact with your business receives the same standard of care. Templates can be created so that communications are consistent and workflow automation engaged for efficiency and speed. A CRM will enable you to implement best practice when it comes to customer service while also reducing the administrative and management costs of doing so manually.

5. Use CRM insights for business forecasting

The data in a CRM provides a precise and accurate snapshot of your business’ history, which can be used to shape its future. From using sales data to identify issues that may be affecting revenue, to tracking marketing activities to better craft future campaigns, using a CRM will give you individually tailored tools to use now to guide future performance and results.

6. Drive business growth

There are so many ways in which your handling of your customers using a CRM can drive business growth.

  • Direct the sales team towards cross-selling or up-selling activities
  • Spot new product opportunities
  • Identify new markets
  • Nurture leads from a wide range of sources
  • Support inbound marketing

These are just a few of the opportunities a CRM can create for businesses looking to take a more customer-centric direction. Get in touch to find out more about our CRM solutions today.

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