7 reasons to choose SaaS CRM for your business

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers an alternative to traditional IT infrastructures that have to be bought, built, configured and maintained on site. It was first launched in the early 2000s as a way for businesses to make IT spend more cost effective and to support more scalable and simple development and growth. Today, it is broadly popular – a recent study by KMPG found that around half of those surveyed identified SaaS as their most likely area for investment. Choosing SaaS CRM for your business has a number of distinct advantages.

1. A manageable investment

The SaaS CRM option avoids the necessity of a large up front investment in order to get systems up and running. Instead, SaaS is usually costed on a pay-as-you-go basis with monthly or annual fees that are predictable and easy to factor into a budget. SaaS makes advanced CRM available to any business, even where resources are tightly stretched.

2. Flexibility and availability

Hosted in the cloud, SaaS is accessible anywhere and at any time with the right security logins and an internet connection. So, a CRM database can be accessed from any location and any device making it a truly flexible and always available service.

3. Reducing spend

Opting for SaaS removes several key costs from consideration, including the hardware and software that would be necessary to establish CRM on-site. Instead, a SaaS CRM solution is instantly available without the need to factor in the purchase of any of the equipment necessary to set it up – or the people required to establish it or to maintain it.

4. Scalability and integration

SaaS CRM solutions are designed to be easy to scale up or down – that’s one of the fundamental principles of any SaaS option. So, whether the business grows or shrinks, the CRM solution in use is always appropriate for its size and need. Achieving scaling is simple thanks to the flexibility of SaaS, and instantly available. Integration with other business systems is easy and it’s straightforward to continue using existing ERP systems or email clients, for example, as these can be integrated with the SaaS system.

5. Improving up time, reducing maintenance

With no local servers, SaaS CRM solution servicing and maintenance is the responsibility of the service provider. This often results in better business continuity and higher levels of up time. It also reduces the cost and time commitment for maintenance of these crucial systems, as this is entirely built into the service provider package.

6. Coping with increased need

Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of SaaS, it’s simple to adapt to the need for increased CRM capacity to cope with new users or higher demand.

7. Optimising security

SaaS providers rely on the most comprehensive security in order to attract and retain clients. As a result, the level and quality of security measures in place is inevitably higher when the CRM solution is delivered by a service provider, as opposed to in-house.

These are just a few of the reasons to opt for SaaS CRM for your business – if you’d like to discuss your options please get in touch with MarketDeveloper today.

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