Conversation Marketing with Social Media

The main aim of conversation marketing is to create an engaging and on-going two way dialogue between consumer and brand. MarketDeveloper achieves this by way of the sophisticated online Conversation Manager which acts as an online hub for a company’s marketing information. A more basic, yet equally important facet of this new style of marketing is social media.

Social media as a campaign management tool has a similar ethos to conversation marketing; it accepts that it is no longer adequate to use these channels as a method of pushing your product or service on to your consumer. There will soon be a generation that has grown up on web based social interactions and these people will find it unthinkable that in the past they would have been unable to communicate directly with their brands. Whether to receive offers, enter competitions and even give constructive (or not so constructive!) feedback.

The advantages are clear; if you gain a substantial internet presence you have essentially amassed a large collection of engaged and useable contacts to market to. The reception a special offer or competition receives will always be warmer over a social media platform than via an Email. Email marketing has essentially blotted its copy book over the years. An advert received in an Email (if it makes it past the spam folder) will often be deleted without being looked at. Unfortunately images of phony pill pushers and Nigerian Generals are never too far away from Email marketing!

Creating a Company LinkedIn or Twitter page is not enough however. The joy of social media channels such as Twitter is that they act as a funnel for the news and information a user receives. Even if your product is excellent most Twitter users won’t leave you clogging up their “Followed” section if you’re not putting out any content, or worse still putting out tedious and repetitive sales content. Unlike traditional marketing there is a pretty watertight way of telling if something you’ve put out onto social media has been successful; the number of people engaged with the page.

Whilst social media platforms are undoubtedly useful for web based CRM, Conversation Manager goes much further. Whilst Twitter and Facebook pages undoubtedly give the opportunity for a dialogue, they never really offer the same on-going discussion as Conversation Manager. They don’t feed directly into a database and, crucially, are not as adaptable or configurable. The cornerstone of Conversation Manager is flexibility; it can easily be adapted to fit a client’s need. Unlike with social media, Conversation Manager allows you to set the parameters, and tailor the conversation so it plays to your strengths.

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MarketDeveloper is a CRM and Marketing Automation supplier based in Egham. The company was formed from the merging of two marketing solutions in 2009 and has been committed to creating and updating a highly powerful, flexible and intuitive Single Customer View solution. A selection of MarketDeveloper clients include The Mail, VisitWales, ScotRail and Cosmos. In December 2018, MarketDeveloper was acquired by BlueVenn.