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Prominent travel companies are increasingly turning to Customer Relationship Management systems such as MarketDeveloper to revolutionise the way they interact with their customers. Archers Holidays, Cosmos Tours & Cruises and Avalon Waterways have already signed up for the cloud based solution in 2014.

Many companies see it as a case of when and not if they implement a CRM solution. Gartner recently reported Customer Relationship Management as being the top spending priority for IT in 2014.

Unlike many traditional systems MarketDeveloper is a flexible, dynamic and intuitive solution that allows travel companies to develop and maintain solid, long term customer relationships. By implementing the sophisticated v5.1 solution travel companies have the ability to offer customers the perfect offer at the perfect time.

MarketDeveloper has started the year positively by winning the contract as CRM supplier to Archers Holidays, Cosmos Tours & Cruises and Avalon Waterways, some of the largest and busiest tour operators currently active in the UK. This follows a highly successful 2013 which saw the Egham based CRM supplier win business from a variety of publishers including Mark Allen Group, as well as being listed as an official G-cloud supplier for public sector and government agencies.

As some of the largest tour operators in the UK, Archers Holidays, Cosmos Tours & Cruises and Avalon Waterways provide escorted tours, ocean & river cruises and tailor made stays to over 80 destinations worldwide. MarketDeveloper can be tailored to accommodate almost any brief, but travel companies lend themselves particularly well to the product. The adaptability of the Conversation Manager feature means travel companies with large customer bases can make informed decisions and perform highly targeted campaign management across multiple channels. The Single Customer View and Query Management functionality will also allow companies to truly understand their customer base and respond to their needs accordingly. As well as this the recently added reporting functionality will provide the tools required to efficiently analyse performance.

Sarah Mason, Marketing Director for Archers, Cosmos Tours & Cruises and Avalon,  said of the relationship, “We are presently taking our brands through a strategy overhaul and the customer is going to be at the heart of our business more than ever before. The MarketDeveloper system and the v5.1 solution will enable us to manage this improved customer-centric approach as well as provide a superior marketing ROI.

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About MarketDeveloper

MarketDeveloper is a CRM and Marketing Automation supplier based in Egham. The company was formed from the merging of two marketing solutions in 2009 and has been committed to creating and updating a highly powerful, flexible and intuitive Single Customer View solution. A selection of MarketDeveloper clients include The Mail, VisitWales, ScotRail and Cosmos. In December 2018, MarketDeveloper was acquired by BlueVenn.