Features that your CRM can bring to your business

Finding the right CRM can sometimes seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are many different options to choose from and each may have it’s own distinctive combination of features. However, when it comes to a CRM that will deliver on insights and performance, there are a number of key features to look out for.

Ease of adoption and integration

Complex systems are gradually abandoned by those who simply don’t want to try to engage with them on a daily basis. So, it’s important to find a CRM that is easy to use and which integrates with existing systems. This will create a fluid process that will make life easier for employees and mean they are more inclined to engage with everything that a CRM can offer.

Remote and mobile access

A CRM that can’t be accessed remotely is severely limited. You may need data to be added to your CRM from any number of locations – or its value may be in enabling remote employees to access crucial data wherever they are. Remote access enables flexible working, supports remote teams and removes the limitation on how effective your accumulated data and insights can be. Mobile too is a huge advantage, as it enables CRM access from devices, which can make businesses processes more efficient and support more dynamic sales.

Advanced analytics

Data collection is one thing but being able to convert that data into the foundation for transformative business decisions takes integrated analytics. The analysis element of a CRM can deliver an enormous amount of insight to a business across both sales and marketing. It will enable the analysis of collected data in a wide range of key contexts, from looking at important audience segments, to evaluating strategies and collecting results from initiatives and campaigns. The results can be used to inform more effective planning and strategy.

Effective campaign management

Campaign management functionality is often where a good CRM will really come into its own. From testing and building through to deploying and measuring the results of campaigns, the management element of a CRM provides an effective way to see more return on campaign investment.

A customisable solution

With a CRM that has an element of customisation you will be able to adapt functionality to suit the dynamics of your business. Customisation should be easy to implement and understand, particularly when it comes to the dashboard. A customisable CRM will truly support the individual processes of your business.

Managing lists

From implementing GDPR-driven data management, to curating and segmenting lists for effectiveness, a CRM is essential for proactive list management.

More effective lead generation and nurturing

A CRM offers insight into leads – and lead management tools – that can be transformative in terms of converting leads into sales. From revealing lengthy purchase times, to making it easier for the sales team to identify the right leads to pursue, a CRM is a key resource.

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