How can you refine your marketing campaigns using CRM?

“Relevance,” “personalisation,” “individualised marketing” – whichever word or term you want to use to describe the current sea change in communication between brands and consumers, it’s time to bid farewell to the one size fits all approach. Today, we are all drowning in a sea of data – according to Science Daily, 90% of all the data in the world has been generated in the last few years. Consumers are being constantly bombarded with data from multiple sources and so making sure your brand gets their attention is tricky. Today, consumers are much less susceptible to general marketing and most will get frustrated with brands that are sending content or offers that have nothing to do with the customer’s interests. The time has come to refine and personalise your marketing campaigns if you want to improve their effectiveness – there are four ways that using CRM can help you to achieve that.

1. Targeting potentially profitable customers

Marketers, too, have to deal with a wealth of data when it comes to customers. It can be a challenge to identify those customers who are likely to be potentially profitable and those that are unlikely to buy. Using CRM provides many advantages here, using information on customer behavior and preferences to help identify the best prospects and deliver the best service.

2.  In-depth segmentation

Gone are the days when it was enough simply to segment customers by broad categories, such as age or industry. Now, it takes a lot more data to create successful segmentation, such as personal likes and dislikes, whether emails have been opened, detail on behaviours and responses and even how customers react on social media. Segmentation can help make marketing more effective, driving revenue growth as a result, and ensuring that you get more ROI from the resources that you dedicate. CRM is a goldmine of the kind of data that can be used to create in-depth segmentation to give you greater insight into who your customers are and what they may need from your brand.

3. Individualised marketing

Mass marketing today makes people uncomfortable and most will instantly switch off. Using CRM means your business can move away from this and avoid simple mistakes, such as not using a customer name at the top of an email. It also provides the opportunity to show customers just how close to them you can be, by demonstrating acquired knowledge of their preferences and purchases, as well as data such as what they do or where they work. The result is improved response rates, stronger brand commitment and better results.

4. Analysis for ongoing success

Refining marketing takes knowledge and using CRM is a key tool for acquiring that knowledge. If a campaign has been successful, using CRM will provide a way to analyse that success so that it can be replicated in future marketing campaigns to ensure that the success continues.

General, poorly informed marketing campaigns are a waste of resources for business today when customers expect a high level of personalisation. Using CRM could change the impact that your marketing has – contact us to find out more.

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