How can you utilise Big Data as part of your CRM strategy?

Plenty of questions have been asked in recent months when it comes to the efficacy of big data analytics. Is it really the revolutionary change that was promised or just another fad that will soon fade? The reality is that big data is here to stay but, as is often the case, many businesses have rushed straight in to engaging with it without much of a plan. The key with big data is to apply it to a problem. If you have a problem to solve then big data can be incredibly useful.

The “problem” of CRM

Customer Relationship Management isn’t a problem as such but it remains a challenge for many businesses. And it’s a challenge for which big data is ideally suited. Insight is perhaps one of the most powerful tools when it comes to handling your ongoing relationships with customers. That, and being able to personalise interactions with customer to give them value. Integrating big data to CRM strategy can have a big impact here, providing an even deeper level of insight into customer behaviours and enabling more meaningful interactions between your audience and your business.

Using big data as part of a CRM strategy

Combining big data with CRM data can produce much more accurate customer analysis and enable predictive modeling and other practices. As a result, it can help a business to better predict customer behaviour and reach various goals, such as improving customer service. All of these are key components in devising an effective CRM strategy and can be considerably improved by the application of big data. So, how do you do it?

Find big data tools and products that work for your business. There is a proliferation of free big data software saturating the market right now. However, not all of the free options are well suited to every business and many can be difficult or confusing to use. It is well worth investing in a more focused solution that is likely to deliver more value in the long run.

Integrate with your current systems. Big data solutions are not, on their own, the answer to all your prayers or a replacement for other data or management systems that you have in place. The right online CRM solution will be easy to integrate with big data tools and when the two are working together can produce powerfully effective results.

Keep it simple. Particularly if you’re not that confident with the concept of big data and how to integrate it within your CRM strategy it’s best to keep things simple at first. Simplify your CRM strategy so that you’re not seeking to achieve unrealistic aims via overly complicated routes. You may have a complex range of marketing needs but that doesn’t mean that your strategy needs to be equally layered and confusing.

At Market Developer we deliver the right models and the right tech to help businesses capitalise on the transformational promises of big data. For more information get in touch.

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