How could using a CRM system improve your customer services?

Consumer expectations of customer service are higher than they have ever been. Gone are the days when being kept on hold for an hour on the phone was something people would tolerate. Today, customers not only expect higher levels of customer service but to be able to reach out to the businesses they use over a much broader range of channels. Given the pressures on resources, particularly for small businesses, this requires some smart solutions – and that’s where the CRM comes in.

What does a CRM system offer to customer service?

Social media engagement – today, social media plays a key role in customer service in a number of different ways. A CRM can facilitate communication via social media, as well as monitoring and identifying those users who are influencers. Analytics and insights built into a CRM help to shape a well-informed marketing strategy that is designed to improve customer service perceptions.

Proactive solutions – customer service isn’t just about making a direct connection with a service agent. The most efficient customer service is often that which begins by providing the customer with resources they can access and use themselves. A CRM offers the opportunity to get on top of knowledge management and introduce an element of self-service into customer service. For example, FAQs and articles designed to troubleshoot common problems can be combined with a forum where customers can ask, and help, each other.

Knowledge sharing – one of the most useful features of a CRM is the centralisation of information with everything from invoices through to conversation records held in one central spot. This means that any agent in the company can access the right information at the right time without the need to go through a complex process to do it. Key to consumer satisfaction with customer service is the feeling of being listened to – use a CRM for customer interaction and agents will always be able to make customers feel like they matter.

Internal collaboration – increasing collaboration between agents is another very powerful way to make customer service a more fluid, intuitive and effective process. Through a CRM, various agents can genuinely work together, whether that’s knowledge sharing or video conferencing to discuss specific customers or issues. A CRM is an enabler when it comes to collaboration and can open channels of communication, internally as well as externally.

Live chat – CRM service systems enable agents to live chat with customers via website and mobile apps. Customers now generally expect a response to a customer service contact within 24 hours – this is considered the acceptable time frame, as opposed to exceeding expectations. Enabling agents to live chat via a CRM can produce above average response rates that result in happier, more loyal customers.

Customer service is crucial to business – a loyal customer is worth 10+ times their initial purchase – and 75% of customers will walk away from a transaction or brand after a bad customer service experience. A CRM could provide a simple solution to the customer service problems that many brands experience.

Additional customer benefits

MarketDeveloper’s unique Single Customer View (SCV) based CRM ensures not only that your customer services are of the highest possible standard, but also that your data is managed in a GDPR compliant way. From May 2018, this will be a legal requirement, and businesses that are able to adhere to these regulations now will avoid penalties and be able to offer their customers assurance that their data is secure and confidential at all times due to the SCV-based CRM system.

Find out more about GDPR or how you can improve your customer services through our SCV-based CRM system by getting in touch with the Market Developer team today on +44 1784 432 082.

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