How does a single customer view help you to understand more about your customers?

A Single Customer View (SCV) is an essential channel of insight for businesses looking to better target marketing and optimise customer interaction. It is a simple but very effective part of a CRM marketing application that will help to provide clarity, build trust with customers and enable useful tactics such as personalisation.

The basics of Single Customer View

SCV is exactly as what it sounds like – one single, central place where you can view key information that relates to an individual customer. This could be, for example, the way in which that customer prefers to be contacted or it could be whether they have consented to marketing contact and, if so, what their marketing preferences are. This kind of information is invaluable, not just for ensuring compliance with data legislation like the GDPR, but also when it comes to designing campaigns that will really appeal.

Who are your customers?

This is a question that any marketing strategy must answer. The SCV is designed to help any organisation get to know its customers better. Data holds the key to a better understanding of your customers and target market – their preferences, behaviours and choices can help to streamline marketing processes and inform more effective campaigns. Data acquisition for a CRM marketing application provides  a way to both collect this information and also to organise it via a SCV so that it is easily accessible to use as input.

Could you improve the quality of your customer service?

The short answer, when you’re using a SCV, is yes. The SCV provides customer service staff with information about the customer that they are dealing with that can be crucial to helping ensure a positive outcome. Customers hate having to go over old ground but if data is available to the customer service team via a SCV then the person speaking to the customer is already well informed. Working with an SCV also means that customer service can be made available via the channels and methods that work best for your customers – preferences that will be revealed by the SCV function of the CRM.

Mapping and prediction

A good SCV model will enable the linking of contacts in the CRM via features that they may share with others. This could be the location in which they live, the company they work for or other contacts that they have. All of this can provide essential insight that can be used to predict future customer behaviours, such as repeat purchasing.

Clarity and focus

SCV informs marketing, providing businesses with clear and reliable data to use in the construction of campaigns. This is a significant upgrade on marketing strategy that is drawn up using guesstimates as to what customers like or might respond to – and can considerably improve return on marketing spend. It will also ensure that contact is more accurately informed and small mistakes – such as the use of the wrong name in an email – can be avoided.

If you want to find out more about SCV and what it could bring to your business, get in touch with MarketDeveloper today on +44 1784 432 082.

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