Introducing the Single Customer View: What is it and how does it benefit data management?

One of the biggest problems that marketers face today is organising and managing the vast volume of data that has been generated about customers. There’s no doubt that using personalised marketing that is specifically targeted by segment is incredibly effective. However, the reality is that the way that data is stored and managed makes it almost impossible to do. The biggest obstacle is that all the data for a single customer is not combined in the same place – and that’s where a single customer view could be a game changing investment.

What is a single customer view?

It’s essentially exactly what it sounds like: one place where you can view all the data on a single customer. It provides genuine insight into that customer because it brings together all of the data that an organisation has on them. There could be many reasons to look at a single customer view for your business, including:

  • As a way of boosting ROI so that you’re seeing more results from marketing
  • Optimising the data that you have to get to know your customers and avoid reliance on third parties
  • To reach goals and objectives, whether that’s sales, conversions or sign ups

How can you create a single customer view?

  1. Make sure you have the whole perspective. A single customer view needs to include all the data on a single customer. This could be everything related to the customer relationship across different products and services, businesses, channels and engagement points.
  2. Create links between data sources. The most essential component of the single customer view is creating the right links between different data sources. Most businesses currently hold their customer data across disparate sources and so creating the links between these places is key.
  3. Get some support. According to a 2015 Digital Marketer Report 89% of brands have difficulties creating a Single Customer View. You may need some initial support and guidance getting this infrastructure off the ground.

What are the benefits of a single customer view?

  • Time saving. When you have all the data in one place then you don’t have to go looking for it.
  • Removing the element of guesswork. If you want to find out about a customer then a single customer view enables you to do it comprehensively without the need for guesswork or filling in the gaps.
  • Creating accurate and meaningful segments. It’s almost impossible to do this without going through the process of creating a single customer view where all the data is drawn together.
  • Personalised marketing. This is crucial to improving the customer experience of your brand and ensuring that your customers feel you’re relating to them as an individual.
  • Driving conversions. With a single customer view you can achieve personalised marketing across a wide variety of channels, from email to direct mail to online advertising. The result is a boost to conversions, as well as the creation of customer loyalty that can be used to build lasting relationships.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of a single customer view, contact the MarketDeveloper team today.


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