Manage your data effectively by following these processes

Data management is a key skill for any business. From meeting compliance requirements through to simple growth-fuelling efficiency, there are many reasons why strong data management is a crucial component in business success. This is particularly so when it comes to integrating marketing automation into your strategy – if you’re using automation then higher volumes and greater complexity of data are going to make strong management key.

Streamline the data that you collect

Better data management results from cutting out the false data and only giving yourself value adding data to manage. For example, if you have a data gathering form on your website there is really only one field that needs to be compulsory – the email address. If your form is set up to require more than that then you’ll find 65% of the data you get is false – i.e. useless data that is hard to filter and creates an additional management burden.

Set best before dates on data

Outside of compliance with data protection requirements and the right that customers will soon have to be forgotten, data still has a shelf life. Effective data management means refreshing data that has gone beyond its best before date so that the information you have is always current. The timeline in question might shift depending on the industry – how often, on average, does your target demographic change roles?

Use progressive profiling

If you’re looking to enrich the data that you have so that it’s more in-depth and more useful then progressive profiling should be a part of your data management. This is the process of gradually eliciting more and more data over time via questions or contact.

Broaden your data sources

Again, the quality of the data that you gather will have a big impact on how efficient your management is. Avoid trying to get all your data from one singular source and use data augmentation instead – you’re gathering base data such as an email address via a form on your website and then augmenting that from another reliable source. That way, the data you have is minimal but accurate and, consequently, much more effective.

Focus on behavioural data

If you’re using marketing automation then you’re going to have access to a lot more behavioural data and this is, ultimately, often more useful when it comes to marketing than demographic data. This kind of data won’t tell you more about who the data subject is but it will give you far greater insight into what they’re doing online, which is a very useful resource when it comes to tailoring marketing strategy.

Integrate a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to make it easy to control your data and manage it to get the most from the insights that you have. It will enable you to facilitate all of the above and to feed new knowledge and perspective into marketing campaigns and sales strategy to make them more effective.

If you’d like to know more about how a CRM could help your business, contact a member of MarketDeveloper team today.

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