MarketDeveloper Launches Dynamic New Website

MarketDeveloper is pleased to announce the launch of its latest website to coincide with technical upgrades, as well as a whole host of additional features, to the v5.1 software package.

The new look of the site went live on Friday 11th October and has already received positive feedback. The website is designed and built by Reactor Graphics, who will be familiar to MarketDeveloper clients as the team behind the graphic design service associated with the v5.1 package. Having significantly upgraded and refined the software, MarketDeveloper felt it was important to invest in a new website to reflect the advances of the company. The website has been created with dynamism and flexibility in mind and built to reflect the ethos of the v5.1 solution.

Marketing Director Paul Schulz said of the new site, “MarketDeveloper is a young company with a cutting edge solution; we felt it was important to have a website that reflected this dynamism.”

The site favours a multi drop down navigation system with a scrollable single page detailing the various product options. The entire site is rich in multimedia features and is designed not only to be a company website but also a hub for CRM marketing information. Content updates will be a regular feature of the new site, allowing visitors to learn more about CRM and download a variety of articles, graphics and videos. The whole site will be linked to MarketDeveloper’s various social media outlets and will produce, amongst other things, news items, opinion pieces, slide presentations and press releases.

The re-launched website is the latest in a series of developments for MarketDeveloper. Having recently expanded its client base to include publishers and travel companies, MarketDeveloper is now focussing its efforts on further expansion. This is along with the usual series of upgrades and updates to a product that is constantly evolving. CRM is a market that is continually expanding and, in order to keep ahead, cloud software such as MarketDeveloper must be prepared to adapt and grow.

Designer, Brian Terry at Reactor Graphics said of the site, “I am very proud of the website we created for MarketDeveloper. The MarketDeveloper solution is highly powerful and sophisticated and it’s only appropriate they have a rich and dynamic website to reflect this.”

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About MarketDeveloper

MarketDeveloper is a CRM and Marketing Automation supplier based in Egham. The company was formed from the merging of two marketing solutions in 2009 and has been committed to creating and updating a highly powerful, flexible and intuitive Single Customer View solution. A selection of MarketDeveloper clients include The Mail, VisitWales, ScotRail and Cosmos. In December 2018, MarketDeveloper was acquired by BlueVenn.