MarketDeveloper Rolls Out Sophisticated Survey Management Functionality

MarketDeveloper has today announced further functionality upgrades to its state-of-the-art v5.1 Marketing Automation solution to include, among other additions, Fully Integrated Survey Management Functionality.

Unlike many Survey Marketing products, MD Survey Manager is not a bolt on product but rather a fully built in marketing suite. No additional software is required and, as with all upgrades to MD v5.1, it is instantly available to existing clients and included in the low monthly subscription fee.

Surveys are highly configurable and can be easily edited to suit any style.
Surveys are highly configurable and can be easily edited to suit any style.

The key benefit to a built in solution, as well as negating the need for additional installation, comes in the form of high end analytics and the ability to perform hugely powerful data comparison. Although held in a separate sub-store, ensuring instant compliance with data privacy laws, all insight gained from surveys can be linked back to demographics and information in the core data which allows for almost limitless survey analytics. Unlike traditional Survey Marketing MD v.5.1 provides clients with true insight and highly flexible marketing comparison.

“The importance of high quality customer relationships is absolutely paramount to a successful marketing strategy,” said Marketing Insight Director Paul Schulz speaking recently on the latest upgrade. “Customers need to feel like they’re being listened too. Brand engagement and dynamic relationships are no longer a nice optional marketing feature.”

The Survey Manager allows users to conduct intuitive and productive surveys simply and quickly. The surveys themselves can be set up in minutes and can be as simple or as detailed as required by the user. Brands using MD v5.1 have the potential to interact with and enthuse their customers. By providing a further channel for consumers to voice their opinions, marketers can gain valuable insight as well as boost brand image and engagement. Communication is at the centre of everything MarketDeveloper does and this latest addition cements the company ethos of dynamism, fluidity, and 21st century marketing.

New Features added to MarketDeveloper v5.1 since the original software release include:

  • Conversation Manager – An additional suite which allows users to conduct ongoing conversations with their contacts. A highly flexible and intuitive programme.
  • Microsoft Integration – MD v5.1 is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook meaning all correspondence can be imported into the MarketDeveloper database and held against individual contacts.
  • Social Media Channels – MarketDeveloper is now fully integrated with Twitter. Social media accounts can be run from within v5.1 and any relevant marketing information imported.
  • Campaign Management Upgrade – Ensures highly sophisticated deduplication as standard, as well as the addition of a whole of host of querying rules and options. Provides clients with multichannel marketing through a Single Customer View.

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About MarketDeveloper

MarketDeveloper is a CRM and Marketing Automation supplier based in Egham. The company was formed from the merging of two marketing solutions in 2009 and has been committed to creating and updating a highly powerful, flexible and intuitive Single Customer View solution. A selection of MarketDeveloper clients include The Mail, VisitWales, ScotRail and Cosmos. In December 2018, MarketDeveloper was acquired by BlueVenn.