ReactorEmails Provides the Ultimate CRM Solution

Things are changing at MarketDeveloper. Following several exciting developments, including the release of the latest v5.1 of its CRM Solution, MarketDeveloper has announced a further expansion of its package, teaming up with Reactor Graphics to provide low cost, high quality HTML design for Email campaigns as an additional service.

ReactorEmails will only be available to MarketDeveloper CRM Solution clients and will grant access to superior email craftsmanship, offering a design service that can turn an average series of emails into a high quality campaign, strengthening a brand and generating increased sales. There are a large variety of service options to satisfy every requirement. The design standards are high and the results sophisticated. See for examples.

The CRM Solution service will ensure that the common hurdles encountered with email marketing are avoided. Each email designed by ReactorEmails is rigorously tested and previewed in 65 different email client variations to ensure optimum results no matter how the message is received. The HTML is also fully responsive meaning the message won’t be compromised visually on even the smallest smart phone screen.

Brian Terry, Creative Director of Reactor Graphics believes the project marks an exciting time for both companies, stating “I’m really excited by this tie up because up until now too many marketing managers were relying on do-it-yourself solutions to their HTML email design. The problem is the effects of this initial cost saving can cut deep into a company’s long-term profits.”

As providers of a state of the art CRM Solution one of the most common client questions MarketDeveloper has encountered regards HTML assistance. There is a real desire for superior marketing broadcast systems that provide sophisticated, 21st century graphics without the massive cost and time drain encountered when dealing with a large agency.

With ReactorEmail, MarketDeveloper feel a solution has been achieved. The website will provide a unique, bespoke system available for MarketDeveloper clients with the potential to add significantly to their internet marketing tools.

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About MarketDeveloper

MarketDeveloper is a CRM and Marketing Automation supplier based in Egham. The company was formed from the merging of two marketing solutions in 2009 and has been committed to creating and updating a highly powerful, flexible and intuitive Single Customer View solution. A selection of MarketDeveloper clients include The Mail, VisitWales, ScotRail and Cosmos. In December 2018, MarketDeveloper was acquired by BlueVenn.