SMAC Stack: The Latest in Online Marketing

The lines between technology and brand loyalty are becoming increasingly blurred, especially among younger people. Social media and online interactions are often the deciding factor when making consumer decisions and companies are becoming acutely aware of the necessity to develop a superior online presence.

The SMAC Stack is the fifth wave of IT architecture and is becoming be the standard online business model for B2C brands. The acronym stands for:

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Analytics
  • Cloud

The SMAC dynamic reflects a shift in the online marketing ethos away from one way correspondence to a two way social relationship. The SMAC stack is no longer considered an attractive bolt on to an existing online model but rather an evolution of the business model itself. In a world where online footprints are increasingly visible and social marketing strategies can backfire as well as propel a business, ensuring a company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities comply with the SMAC stack model is essential:

Where an Online Marketing/CRM Solution should sit in the SMAC Stack


Most CRM Solutions now offer a Social Media module of some kind, whether this is simply integrating social channels into the solution right up to sophisticated social campaign capabilities.

The Single Customer View allows users to develop a complete 360 view of their contacts within the context of their wider database. This means all an individual’s touch-points are easily available in a clear, single interface. The ability to quickly access all relevant data is a key component of the Social SMAC Stack. Brand and Consumer Management and the ethos of Conversational Marketing also fit the SMAC Stack model as they provide users with the ability to initiate a real and sustainable conversation between brand and customer.

Social Media is playing an increasing role in CRM
Social Media is playing an increasing role in CRM


Provided they fall into the SaaS (Software as a Service) bracket CRM Solutions are platform agnostic and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Solutions such as MarketDeveloper provide users with sophisticated Campaign Management functionality allowing end to end marketing capability over Email, Mail and Mobile Channels. Mobile Marketing is widely considered to be the future of customer interaction and CRM solutions usually allow marketing campaigns to be split over multiple channels meaning users never miss out on an opportunity to reach people.


A vital component of CRM technology is high end reporting functionality which allows users to drill down into the details and gain key insight into how individual campaigns have fared in relation to general marketing performance. Particularly useful are visual analytics which reflect criteria such as opens, bounce rates, individual links and activity over time.


Customer Relationship Management solutions are increasingly flexible, available and usually based in the Cloud. As well as the convenience of being constantly online this also means peace of mind with regards to data security. All customer information is hosted by the provider in super secure data centres. This guarantees security as well as a minimum of down time and negates the need for any expensive or time consuming infrastructure requirements on behalf of the client.

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