CRM and Automation

The complementary relationship between CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM and marketing automation might seem like two very different processes. On the one hand you have CRM software, which is predominantly sales-focused and is designed to manage the interactions that the business has with customers and established leads. And on the other hand you have marketing automation software, which is (obviously) focused on marketing and is intended to help a business to streamline, automate and effectively measure marketing efforts. The two systems don’t have many parallels and don’t share anything other than the most basic information. So, where does the complimentary relationship between CRM and marketing automation software come from?

In many ways CRM and marketing automation are two stages in the same process:

Stage 1 - Marketing automation

The marketing automation part of the process is all about early relationships, the way that the business reaches out to potential customers and the power that it has to convert those leads. It provides information on contact and on behaviours, such as when emails are opened or when a customer clicks on the business’ blog. One of the most useful functions of marketing automation software is the way it can be used to schedule and track marketing campaigns and communications – and to analyse them. This can be fed into a relationship with CRM in a number of ways, including:

  • Simple segmenting of prospects to provide more information on how they have interacted with the business in the past – this offers essential insight into how best to convert a prospect into a customer.
  • Effective lead nurturing is simple with marketing automation as the software is designed to help draw a prospect towards being a customer with automated emails that are delivered at the time the potential customer is likely to be most interested in the product or service.
  • Marketing automation is underused as an asset for priming leads for the sales team – preparing the ground for qualified sales leads.

Stage 2  - CRM

The purpose of the CRM is essentially to be able to use acquired data to create a better experience for the customer that will generate more sales and longer relationships. Information such as purchase records, notes of interactions with your customer service team and email communication can be used to personalise the experience for your customer. Personalisation is one of the most effective ways to create long-term customer loyalty and build a broader audience. The functions of the CRM are much better supported where there is also marketing automation present. Leads arrive more fully formed and the sales team has a great deal more information thanks to being able to track the marketing history that the business has with that particular customer.

At the same time, a mutual relationship between CRM and marketing automation passes information back up the funnel too. The marketing team has viable insight into what is happening in the sales team, which can be used to feed into more effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Syncing up systems such as CRM and marketing automation can be ground breaking for businesses – if you’d like more information please get in touch with MarketDeveloper today by calling +44 1784 432 082.

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