The relationship between CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM and marketing automation are like two sides of the same coin. Where a CRM focuses on sales, marketing automation is designed with the tasks of marketing in mind – the two together can be a powerful driving force within a business. Perhaps the easiest way to look at the relationship between CRM and marketing automation is the sales funnel. The top half of the funnel – from initial leads to qualified leads falls within marketing automation while the bottom half, which eventually moves to the conversion or sale is all CRM. So how does the relationship between the two work and how can you use it in your business?

Marketing automation

If you’re not currently using marketing automation then this represents a tangible opportunity to create better leads and reach more potential customers. It has a lot of impressive benefits, including:

  • Lead nurturing – tracking individual leads and setting up automated nurturing tasks that enable the business to nurture a greater number of leads and with broader impact.
  • Responsive mass emails – using data gathered from analytics to send mass emails promoting offers etc based on specific actions, such as viewing a certain website page.
  • A/B testing – test out the effectiveness of content or offers and create data on which is the most effective.
  • List building – gain perspective on a large volume of data to help establish an effective and impactful marketing strategy.
  • Reporting – minute detail across a wide range of marketing data, from opens to unsubscribes.


A CRM allows businesses to optimise customer and business interaction and can create some key advantages, including:

  • Information sharing – anyone interacting with a customer can see exactly where they are in the sales process, what has already been said and the history of interaction between customer and company.
  • Sync with social media – this link allows swift access to what customers are saying about a business across multiple channels.
  • Targeted promotional material – personalisation and targeting tend to deliver better results and to build stronger, more trusted relationships with customers.
  • Alerts – from customer birthdays through to contract renewals, CRM alerts keep everyone informed.

Where do CRM and marketing automation meet?

Most marketing automation provides the option to sync up with the data in a CRM. This enables an open channel of communication between the sales team and the marketing team, which can produce fantastic results. For smaller businesses without distinct teams it offers a way to define and organise leads, sales data and marketing efforts. The two systems also line up across some features including:

  • Cloud based – both your CRM and marketing automation can offer the flexibility and easy access of being cloud based.
  • Integration – marketing automation should integrate easily with your CRM.
  • Complete single view of the customer – at each point in the sales funnel you have a high level perspective when the two systems combine.
  • Multi channel – engage via both systems across multiple channels.

If you’d like to know more about how marketing automation could help your business MarketDeveloper can help. We provide solutions to streamline marketing and perform highly targeted, engaging campaigns that drive better results. Get in touch for more information.

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