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Travel CRM

What is CRM?

“Many thanks for your offer on a weekend break in Paris for two. Perfect timing as it arrived a couple of weeks before my 20th wedding anniversary!”

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a business aesthetic or solution that allows companies to better understand both their current customers and also prospective customers. This is achieved by:

  • Improving customer experience to ensure retention of existing customers
  • Attracting new customers
  • Performing more targeted marketing based on better information
  • Identifying the most profitable leads
  • Decreasing customer management costs

A lot of CRM companies also offer additional features within their CRM packages, these commonly consist of:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Running multi channel campaigns over email, phone, letter as well as social media channels
  • Tracing emails, phone calls, competitions etc.
  • Conversation management; using flexible online portals to connect with customers
  • Reporting functionality


CRM for travel companies

Although Customer Relationship Management such as MarketDeveloper are flexible, intuitive and can be adapted to suit most briefs, travel companies benefit more than most from a properly installed CRM solution. This is especially true of larger organisations who deal with significant amounts of data. CRM systems can benefit travel companies by:
Providing Insight

By reporting back on customer booking history, CRM solutions allow a company to discover which areas of their portfolio are popular and which are not.

Determining Customer Preferences

Travel companies often send out marketing material over a variety of channels. A multi channel, single customer view enhanced CRM solution can greatly simplify this potentially complicated process. As well as this the reporting functionality of CRM solutions allows users to determine which channel is the most successful.

This is particularly beneficial for travel companies as there is a broad range in prices and brand image. Whilst some travel companies may do better with traditional mail marketing, others will appeal a lot more through email campaigns. A good CRM system will determine this.

Maintaining Image and Reputation

If customers receive irrelevant marketing information it makes a brand seem either unprofessional or uncaring. By gaining a clear single customer view, travel companies can ensure contacts only receive relevant marketing information.

Allowing Better Time Allocation

A key benefit of gaining a clearer view of one’s data is that it allows users to make better use of their time. The high end reporting functionality available with most CRM solutions gives marketers correct information quickly, allowing them to get on with more important tasks. Cloud based applications give users access to their data 24 hours a day, wherever they are, meaning instant access to relevant information.

Handling Every Step of the Process

By choosing an end to end solution that can handle all data work; companies avoid creating a “Frankenstein” system that doesn’t interact with itself causing problems.

Get the Right Message to the right people at the Right Time

One of the biggest problems for travel companies is getting relevant marketing material to their customer base. Larger travel companies often offer a massive range of holidays; from skiing trips to trekking to beach holidays. An effective CRM system can ensure the right message is sent to the right people. The use of interactive preference centres also ensures the database is kept fresh, meaning even more accurate targeting.



Brian is a frequent traveller and has a variety of preferences for his trips away. Brian enjoys:

  • Skiing Holidays with his friends
  • City Breaks with his partner
  • Trekking holidays alone

By implementing a CRM system and gauging the time of year Brian travels Empire Travel can ensure he only receives relevant marketing information at the right time. The single customer view allows them to quickly see when/where he has historically travelled and truly understand his needs and preferences.

Intuitive Targeting…

A local Football team has recently qualified for the European Cup for the first time. Knowing that the ticket allocation will sell out quickly Empire Travel is able to send out an Email to the club’s fan base offering coach trips and cheap flights on the weekend of the match.


Conversation Manager is a highly flexible and powerful online preference centre that allows clients to engage their contacts in a two way conversation. This allows Empire Travel to conduct surveys, run competitions and receive feedback.


Empire Travel has two subsidiary companies which also make use from similar data pools. Empire Tours focuses on package holidays where Empire Cruises deals with boat holidays. By installing distinct “entrances” to their database Empire can ensure that users of the system only have access to relevant information which saves a huge amount of time and inconvenience!


Empire Travel wishes to determine which of their many email designs is the most successful. They send out a series of campaigns and use MarketDeveloper’s highly sophisticated reporting functionality to determine which mailer gained the most clicks. The click map allows them to specifically locate what has been successful and what has not.

Gain a true single view of your customers…

Travel CRM

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