What are the signs that you should consider a CRM next year?

With the New Year on the horizon, change is on the agenda for many businesses. What could you do better in 2018, how could your business be more efficient, more profitable and make more of an impact? There are many ways to approach the answers to these questions and a CRM as a solution is one of them. If your business has customers then – no matter what size it is – it’s likely that you would benefit from a CRM. But what are the telltale signs that a CRM in 2018 might be right for you?

You’re not in control of your data

Data is everything you need to transform your business next year but it’s impossible to optimise or use it if you’re not in control of it. You might currently have no central data storage system in place and, as a result, you’re missing out on valuable insights into how your customers interact with your business. Can all your customer facing employees access the same, reliable data in the same place? Are you currently wasting time on manual data collection? Painful manual processes and data that is inaccessible are two clear signs that a CRM could make a difference.

Your data is not secure

Now is not the time to be losing data – as the GDPR arrives next year the consequences for insecure data practices are going to get much worse. If your ‘data storage’ currently consists of papers, thumb drives and laptops then you are risking the loss of sensitive information – as well as issues with legal compliance. A CRM could transform data security with cloud based storage that is regularly backed up.

Internal teams don’t communicate

If you constantly experience duplication of effort, confusion and teams that just don’t work together as a result of a lack of communication, you may well be in need of a CRM. This will allow more joined up thinking between sales and marketing teams and show who is responsible for what.

A lack of scalability is holding you back

It’s impossible to track customer interactions with something as basic as an Excel spreadsheet when you get into triple digit customer numbers. If your business is growing at speed and you’re just not keeping up then it might be time to invest in a CRM.

You have no insight into leads

Do you know where your best leads come from and what works when it comes to lead nurturing? Can you track those leads and apply previously effective best practice in order to covert them? If your knowledge of this is patchy at best then a CRM could turn this around. Working with a CRM you’ll be able to identify leads and their sources and streamline the process for lead qualification rather than relying on guesswork.

Sales are slumped

Without a CRM many businesses have no sales insight, whether that’s looking at how the sales team spend their time or which activities are more likely to win you more business. It’s also almost impossible to set realistic sales targets or forecasts that can be used to drive sales activity in the coming year. If your sales are currently suffering then a CRM could be a simple solution.

From poor data security to inactive sales there are many reasons why the New Year could be a great time to invest in a CRM for your business.

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