What are the three pillars to use data well?

Companies can have as much data as they want, but if it’s not used well then it won’t be as effective as it has the potential to be. We have come up with our three “pillars” to follow which work together to create a strong data management strategy:

Choosing the right data

When you are sourcing data, it’s important to apply filters depending on your requirements. Being as selective as possible enables you to acquire data that is likely to be more useful, instead of a large volume of useless and untargeted data. Storing unnecessary data is a waste of resources and makes it much more challenging to sift through later on when looking for the data that is needed. It is therefore important to regularly sift through the data that you have and securely dispose of what is no longer needed. This will help your business become GDPR compliant ahead of the regulation coming into action next year, but will also reduce loading times and make access to useful data much easier.

Use the best model

Direct marketing approaches in the past have looked mainly at Targeting Models and Segmentations, but there are much broader ways to look at data in order to make the best use of it. Marketing Automation has revolutionised the way that data is processed, and the ability to create “Customer Journeys” has become a key part of data management within many businesses.

This is because it allows different actions to be taken automatically depending on certain customer actions, such as them clicking through to a link. Technology like Apps and Push Marketing allow relevant data to be sent to people in real-time that relate to them specifically.

Technology is vital

The technology you use also has a part to play in enabling you to use data effectively within your company. Choosing the right solution is essential for optimum performance and capabilities, but it requires experience and industry insight to know what would be the best fit for your company, since every business will have varying requirements.

Data management is unique

Different clients will be in unique situations regarding their data and setup. Sometimes clients will have the technology required, but not the right setup, or sometimes there is something missing that would greatly improve the efficiency of managing data. Sometimes a new stack may be required, but whatever requirements your business has, MarketDeveloper’s experienced team recommend our V5.1 SCV system as the “trinity” of the right data, bringing tech, the right data and models together.

If you’d like help or to find out more about our V5.1 SCV system for your marketing needs, including managing and delivering campaigns across analogue and digital channels, give MarketDeveloper a call today on +44 1784 432 082.

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