What benefits could Marketing Automation bring to your business?

Marketing automation exists to make life easier for businesses. It is software that enables the more repetitive jobs to be automated to free up members of the team for more value adding tasks and to introduce time and cost saving efficiency. There are many benefits that marketing automation could bring to your business, from reducing error rates through to enabling your organisation to reach more potential customers.

Broaden scale and scope of campaigns and improve targeting

It’s far more efficient to use marketing automation for communications than to send every message manually. You can reach a broader audience with marketing automation than without and this can enable any business, of any size, to scale up marketing campaigns. Automation also enables improved targeting, with features such as list building where the perameters are set by you. As a result, with marketing automation, you can achieve a balance between the demands of specific targeting and the necessity of  wide reach.

Engage in omni channel marketing

Being able to reach your customers across multiple channels – and via the channels that they choose – is becoming increasingly crucial. With the right marketing automation platform you can engage with customers via mobile campaigns, direct marketing campaigns, surveys etc. A marketing automation suite like MarketDeveloper Single Customer View means that all this can be monitored and managed from the same place.

Access everything from the cloud

Cloud based marketing automation puts businesses at a significant advantage. This flexible and scalable approach to employing marketing automation for your business is also cost effective and can be tailored to the needs of an individual organisation. It also means that data can be securely accessed any time, anywhere and from any device, ideal for those enterprises keen to engage with more agile methods of working.

Gain perspective on marketing efforts with in-depth reporting

With the right marketing automation software you will have access to high end, sophisticated reporting functionality. This provides essential insight into the performance of campaigns and the detail of the results, from opens to unsubscribes, as well as full heat maps. Not only does this provide perspective but it also makes the team much more accountable. When it comes to ensuring that future campaigns are as effective as possible, high level reporting is a huge benefit.

Increase customer lifetime value

Marketing has a key role to play in developing existing customers, as well as attracting new ones. The use of marketing automation enables you to create far more effective retention and loyalty strategies that automate key features, such as requests for reviews or the delivery of offers. The result is that the relationship with the customers grows stronger and their lifetime value to the business increases.

Create room for more strategic contributions

Repetitive campaign execution can be a big obstacle to creative and strategic freedom, especially in smaller businesses. Working with marketing automation software frees your team up from these tasks to make way for more bold, strategic and creative thinking.

To find out more about how marketing automation software could benefit your business, get in touch with MarketDeveloper today.

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