What common CRM problems are there and how can these be solved?

A CRM can improve customer retention by up to 27%. It drives better productivity and taps into a key motivator for any customer facing organisation: three out of four consumers spend more money with a business because of a positive customer experience. So, a CRM can make a big impact on your business, which is why it’s a market expanding at pace. However, like any other product, a CRM can have stumbling blocks. So, what are the most common issues with integrating a CRM and how do you overcome them?

Problem: Complex, expensive and time consuming set up

CRMs come in many different shapes and varieties and not all have the same ease of integration. A traditional system, for example, may require an entire overhaul of your internal processes, which could leave your business offline for some time during the transition.

Solution: choose a CRM that is cloud based. Not only does this mean your CRM will be available to you 24/7 wherever you have an internet connection but it also avoids the need for a long and drawn out transition period.

Problem: a CRM that cannot handle mobile marketing

There’s really no getting away from the fact that we are in a mobile marketing driven age right now. Which is why it’s an unpleasant shock to discover that the shiny new CRM you’re investing heavily in can’t handle this key component of your marketing strategy.

Solution: mobile functionality is a must. There’s no getting around this. Not mobile functionality as an add-on or ‘in the future,’ it needs to be a prominent feature of the CRM right now.

Problem: no social functionality

Like mobile, social media marketing is another big part of digital in 2017.  Your customers expect to be able to reach you via social media and to see an active presence. So, the right CRM for you is likely to be one that prioritises this channel.

Solution: choose a CRM that can help to optimise your social efforts as a priority and avoid any where this is not at least a possibility.

Problem: what you see is not what you get

The cheaper CRM solutions don’t always end up being the best value and that’s worth remembering when you’re shopping around to make an investment. You may find a CRM available with a rock bottom subscription but does it actually take you where you need to go? The reality is that, all too often, a CRM can seem incredibly good value at first glance until you realise that solutions you actually need are a couple of payment gateways away.

Solution: make sure that the CRM you choose is the whole package in terms of your initial objectives. It’s one thing to upgrade and add on a year or so down the line but if you can’t even get off the starting blocks then it’s the wrong CRM.

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