What useful features of marketing automation could transform your business?

Marketing automation provides the opportunity to streamline your marketing efforts across multiple channels and optimise the time and money that you invest in your business communications. It could enable you to reduce spend and create more targeted and engaging campaigns that achieve better results and deliver more return on your marketing investment.

The key features of marketing automation

Marketing automation used to be something solely available to large multinational businesses with vast resources. Today, thanks to the advance of technology and the reach of cloud solutions, the benefits of working with marketing automation are available to any business smart enough to use them. These are some of the key features of marketing automation that could prove to be transformative for your business.

A customer single view

Personalisation underpins every successful contact with a customer and is increasingly informing the most effective marketing campaigns. Marketing automation software provides a single view of customer contact with your business, with instant insight into everything from contact details through to preferences.

List building capabilities

Lists can be crucial for making sense of vast sets of collected data and transforming that data into the basis for a targeted and coherent marketing strategy. Marketing automation software enables the creation of comprehensive, accurate lists defined by any number of parameters that are relevant to your business.

Omnichannel marketing

One of the key trends for 2018 is omnichannel marketing and this is made much more effective and much easier by the use of marketing automation. What this enables your business to do is reach your customers via the platforms that they prefer, to give your marketing efforts a higher chance of success. Marketing automation software enables you to cover multiple channels seamlessly, from emails through to mobile campaigns and surveys.

Effective, targeted email campaigns

Email remains the most effective form of marketing and has many benefits. For example, email subscribers are three times more likely to share content on social media and spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers. Marketing automation takes email campaigns to another level, making the most of existing databases and optimising emails via the use of personalisation and intelligent scheduling. If you’ve never seen real results from email marketing up to now then working with marketing automation could be truly transformative.

In-depth campaign reporting

Marketing automation provides detailed insight into the results of marketing campaigns, providing data on a wide range of responses with full heat maps available. This introduces an element of measurability to marketing campaigns so that results can be tracked and future campaigns tweaked on the basis of these insights to make them even more effective.

Cloud based systems

Marketing automation systems are often cloud based, which enables them to support agile business practices and more flexible ways of working. Access can be enabled from any location and any device with the right login in details.

Marketing automation has the potential to transform any business, from improving the effectiveness of email campaigns, to providing in-depth reporting insights. Contact us to find out more about how we could help your business evolve.

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