Why GDPR Compliance is good for your Marketing

The GDPR comes into force on 25th May this year. At that moment, the whole landscape of data privacy in the UK will shift, giving more rights to individuals and placing more of a focus on privacy by design. Plenty has been said about the challenges that this presents for marketers – but what about the opportunities?

Why GDPR compliance will boost your marketing

Increasing the value of your contacts

Your business may have become overly reliant on buying email lists or scraping them. As a result, you may have acquired a vast array of contacts, very few of which represent any kind of quality marketing reach for your business. With the GDPR, all marketers will need to work harder. Not only can you no longer buy email lists or scrape contacts but you will also need to make sure that the contacts you use have given a pretty extensive consent that is proactive, informed and provided via affirmative action. Although this might seem like a lot of work (it doesn’t have to be with the right infrastructure in place) the end result will be that your contacts will be real and potentially useful because you’re only talking to the people who want to hear from you.

A chance to reassess your marketing

Inbound marketing is being heralded as the key to future marketing success for any business. If it’s not something that you’ve yet embraced then the GDPR provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Refocus your marketing strategy, consider once again how you could attract your key audience and shed out of date outbound techniques that bring little or nothing to the table (and could threaten your GDPR compliance).

Improving campaign targeting

The single biggest challenge for marketers right now is to clean up databases that may have been building up for years and become somewhat unruly and disorganised. This is a direct result of GDPR requirements but could also have some positive knock on impact on the business. For example, it will make it much easier to segment your audience based on the more in-depth information that customers will have had to provide on what they are actually interested in hearing about from you. The result will be better targeted marketing campaigns that should achieve improved conversion rates because those that you’re targeting are actually interested in what is being marketed to them.

Being in the inner circle

The GDPR applies to the data of EU citizens, not to the location of the company handling that data. That means that companies in the USA or Canada, for example, will need to be GDPR compliant too if they are dealing with EU consumers. Many simply won’t be, which means that marketers who already have this in place are at a significant advantage.

There are many ways to prepare for the GDPR, from cleaning up databases to changing the way you obtain consent and finding new ways to collect data. A CRM can also provide a simple way to centralise and control data, without spreadsheets, to ensure that your compliance doesn’t slip.

Get in touch with MarketDeveloper today to find out more about our CRM and how it could help your business in light of the GDPR.

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