Why is SMAC becoming the standard online business model for B2C brands?

SMAC – social, mobile, analytics and cloud – used to be an ‘extra’ to the standard online business model for B2C brands. However, these four technologies are now very much driving business innovation and marketing perspectives. They are now so integrated into the progression of marketing that they have become a new stage of evolution in themselves.

The idea behind SMAC is that these four relatively new technologies are now driving the way that we do business. Instead of reliance on basic messaging and communication services, as well as network infrastructures and ERP, we are now moving towards a position where business models are much more collaborative and agile, real time and two way in the relationships that they create and preserve.

There are three key business trends that have pushed the SMAC stack forward as the most crucial factor in modern business models:

1. The way we work

Mobile working is not a new phenomenon but it’s currently still at a very embryonic stage. SMAC architectures are expected to become the new way for businesses to grow and progress, embracing the opportunities for increased productivity and maximum flexibility, cutting overheads and broadening out geographical staff reach. An expanding mobile workforce, increasing use of wearable and portable tech and the expectation of access ‘any time anywhere’ all feed into the necessity of the SMAC structure.

2. Digitising our world

We are moving towards an internet economy and as a result more and more business processes are becoming digitised. The SMAC architecture effectively supports and optimises this kind of online capability and will drive a change in business structures, roles and opportunity.

3. Information processing

We are heading towards peak information overload at a frightening speed; this year the number of connected devices is predicted to rise to figures three times higher than the UK population. SMAC is a necessary shift to deal with the burdens on data centres and existing information structures, providing infrastructure to handle data influx.

What are the benefits of SMAC for business?

The SMAC stack is responsible for the creation of a new kind of business ecosystem, one that allows for efficiency and evolution on a scale not seen before. It is one of the most accessible evolutions in that the barriers of cost and entity size are simply not there.

Get closer to the customer – the shift in consumer perceptions of customer service and the new and effective ways in which we can use data have created a very different approach to customer interaction. For most brands marketing is moving away from a single message transmitted one way to a much more interactive conversation. Plus, highly effective marketing techniques such as personalisation benefit enormously from SMAC infrastructure input.

Improving operations – cutting costs, reducing overheads, increasing productivity, boosting ROI, these are just a few of the benefits of integrating a SMAC infrastructure, from cloud systems to mobile working and social advertising.

Minimal cost, maximum reach – SMAC costs are flexible, scalable and easy to work with for even the smallest enterprises while the impact that can be made is broad and far reaching.

SMAC represents a new wave of IT architecture that will soon be the standard for B2C brands. For those businesses that want to be ahead of the curve now is the time to adapt to survive. Get in touch with MarketDeveloper today to find out how we could help you with this by giving us a call on +44 1784 432 082.

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