Email Marketing, Fully Automated, Behavioural Analytics, Integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Email Marketing can seem daunting. If you’re a large business wishing to connect with a lot of people you’ll understand the importance of highly targeted, highly responsive and exquisitely designed Email Campaigns. You’ll also understand the importance of your own time and want a solution that is capable of performing incredibly complex, precision targeted and reportable Email Marketing at the click of a button.

This is where MarketDeveloper comes in. MD v5.1 provides an Email Marketing platform with a difference. The solution combines the Single Customer View, the HTML, the email delivery and the reporting all in one interface. This eliminates the need for a separate database and ESP.

Everything within the solution can be configured and personalised to suit your business. Channels can be split, merged, tested and manipulated. Every action taken within MarketDeveloper is tracked and as the Email Marketing platform is fully integrated with the CRM Database all records are updated in Real Time, ensuring every action is completely accountable and your data is kept fresh and dynamic.

Do you need to send complex, high volume Email Campaigns quickly and simply?

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Your Email Marketing Campaigns can…

Be straightforward to Use:

MD v5.1 is incredibly intuitive and can be tailored to suit your needs. MD is a Cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, meaning for a low monthly subscription fee you can conduct all your Email Marketing yourself any time, any place and on any device. We have a highly trained Customer Service department to help you out and we also offer a Managed Service if you require more assistance.

Make You More Social

As a fully integrated marketing solution MD v5.1 offers a lot more functionality than a mere Email platform. When you launch a Campaign from MarketDeveloper you are able to conduct queries, offer forward to a friend and social media signal boosts and a whole host of other Brand Engagement offers.

Improve Your Database:

As we are Email Marketing/Customer Relationship Management integrated everything you do within MarketDeveloper is launched from a single programme. All data is kept consistent and clean.

Boost Loyalty

Unlike many Email Marketing solutions MarketDeveloper provides a two-way street. All our campaigns are launched alongside our Conversational Marketing and Preference Centre platforms which allow you to engage your contacts in a true conversation.

Constantly Improve

MD v5.1 provides extensive reporting and behavioural analytics functionality which allows you to track every single campaign.

Is MarketDeveloper perfect for your brand?

Your brand deserves to be seen at its best. To find out how MarketDeveloper can give you unparalleled insight into your data, automate your sales and marketing process and allow you to truly communicate with your contacts click here.

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