In the course of studying the demographics of visitors to our website we found an interesting pattern. Some of the most common keywords that bring people to our website are queries such as “What is CRM?” “How does CRM work?” etc.

As many as one in nine of the total visits to our site in an average day are from people at academic institutions looking for information on CRM. We have therefore decided to put together a series of free Modules on CRM to help out with your coursework!

We have put together a series of informative white papers, each one relating to an aspect of Customer Relationship Management. These documents give a basic introduction to business CRM including: Single Customer View, Social CRM and Cloud SaaS technology. Each paper is available for no cost and requires no sign up.

We are hoping to build upon these initial topics to include a wider range of Customer Relationship Management and Marketing modules.

What’s in it for us?

Whilst of course we like being helpful we’re also hoping that, in a few years time, when some of the students who benefited from our academic papers are Directors of Proctor and Gamble and Unilever they might remember MarketDeveloper!