CRM and Automation

The complementary relationship between CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM and marketing automation might seem like two very different processes. On the one hand you have CRM software, which is predominantly sales-focused and is designed to manage the interactions that the business has with customers and established leads. And on the other hand you have marketing automation software, which is (obviously) focused on marketing and is intended to help a business to streamline, automate and effectively measure marketing efforts. The two systems don’t have many parallels and don’t share anything other than the most basic information.

The importance of Data Protection and how your CRM can help this

The GDPR is set to be introduced on 25th May 2018, with the EU seeking to introduce the idea in order to consolidate data protection and encourage companies to handle data carefully and securely. Regardless of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, GDPR will still come into action in the UK at this time, so all businesses will be affected by this new regulation.

How can combining CRM and Data Analysis make your business more profitable?

Insight is an enormously valuable business tool and one that can shape all kinds of decisions, from strategy to budgets. The more accurate the insight, the greater the opportunity to streamline business systems and create new ways to generate profit. The combination of CRM and data analysis provides an effective way to open the door to greater insights that can produce powerful changes in your business. If you’re looking for opportunities to make your business more profitable bringing these two systems together is the perfect place to start.