If Facebook have data problems who is going to care if I fail to GDPR Comply?

Facebook’s issues with data privacy seem to be dominating the news cycle right now. The social media giant finds itself in hot water for allowing companies like Cambridge Analytica to harvest the data from millions of its users to be employed for what many have described as “undemocratic processes.” But if a company that big can get into trouble with data compliance then surely there is a pass for much smaller businesses with fewer resources.

We are all looking at Facebook, but how clean are we in the way we use customer data?

Facebook has had very public privacy problems for some time – the rumours and gossip have been circulating endlessly about what the social media giant really does with the vast amount of data it has. Recently, the Cambridge Analytica scandal has forced Facebook to face up to this in an uncomfortable way. Revelations that the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica harvested data from 50 million Facebook users have made life uncomfortable for Facebook. There was no consent obtained and no one was even notified.

What is cheaper & safer, fix or replace?

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to come into force in May of this year, there have been a lot of questions raised over whether existing CRMs are likely to cause problems. The reality is that some CRMs – particularly those that are older and/or bespoke – may be fairly far off GDPR compliance and in order to get these to a compliant point the cost could be considerable. The alternative is migrating to a new, fully compliant system – but which is the best option for you?