Making the most out of your CRM

Have you ever stopped to think about how your business would cope without its CRM? Your CRM is a powerful tool, that has the capability to transform your customer relations if utilised correctly, as well as saving you a significant amount of time when monitoring and assessing marketing and product customer personalisation efforts.


What are the three pillars to use data well?

Companies can have as much data as they want, but if it’s not used well then it won’t be as effective as it has the potential to be. We have come up with our three “pillars” to follow which work together to create a strong data management strategy:

What could cloud software offer your business?

Cloud computing is becoming the norm for many businesses worldwide, from the smallest start up to the largest multi-national corporation. CRM systems that are in-house often offer limited functionality and can be difficult to use, which is why cloud based software offers a great deal of advantages as an alternative to in-house CRM solutions.