How do technology, data and models come together seamlessly for effective marketing?

Generating a return on marketing investment can be difficult to do. Many businesses today fall short on at least one key aspect when it comes to achieving optimum digital marketing results. The combination of technology, data and models provides a sound structure for effective marketing but if just one of these elements is missing then goals can be difficult to achieve. So, how do these three essential elements work together to create truly effective marketing outcomes?

How can you use your data to make smarter marketing decisions?

Data driven marketing decisions achieve better results for brands. This is something that most businesses now understand – and there are examples of the way this has worked to a business advantage everywhere you look. InterContinental Hotels Group, for example, employed the data from social media analytics to make marketing decisions that resulted in a 35% higher conversion rate. So, how can you use the data that you gather to make smarter marketing decisions?

7 reasons to choose SaaS CRM for your business

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers an alternative to traditional IT infrastructures that have to be bought, built, configured and maintained on site. It was first launched in the early 2000s as a way for businesses to make IT spend more cost effective and to support more scalable and simple development and growth. Today, it is broadly popular – a recent study by KMPG found that around half of those surveyed identified SaaS as their most likely area for investment. Choosing SaaS CRM for your business has a number of distinct advantages.