Which is the best fit for you: Managed Services or SaaS?

Managed Services and SaaS are often bundled together but the reality is that the two are not the same. While SaaS may form part of Managed Services, SaaS is a third party software provider hosting and managing a business’s applications, as opposed to a provider that is offering a broad range of IT services. It may be that your business only requires the support of SaaS but for many enterprises, the benefits of additional options that come with Managed Services can sometimes make all the difference.

6 reasons that your business needs a CRM solution

Customer-centricity is increasingly becoming viewed as the path to business success. Big commercial names, such as Lloyds Banking, BP & Just Eat, are proud to talk about how putting customers at the heart of what they do has generated impressive results. Customer relationship management – keeping track of, and analysing, customer (and prospect) interaction – provides an essential foundation for successful customer-centricity.