What benefits could Marketing Automation bring to your business?

Marketing automation exists to make life easier for businesses. It is software that enables the more repetitive jobs to be automated to free up members of the team for more value adding tasks and to introduce time and cost saving efficiency. There are many benefits that marketing automation could bring to your business, from reducing error rates through to enabling your organisation to reach more potential customers.

Don't panic if you're not yet GDPR compliant, just follow these steps

The GDPR has been a hot topic for some time now. However, with the deadline for compliance just weeks away it has become even more crucial for businesses to be able to demonstrate its integration into an enterprise. If your business isn’t up to scratch yet don’t panic – there are some simple steps that you can take to ensure you get over the GDPR line in time.

Introducing the Single Customer View: What is it and how does it benefit data management?

One of the biggest problems that marketers face today is organising and managing the vast volume of data that has been generated about customers. There’s no doubt that using personalised marketing that is specifically targeted by segment is incredibly effective. However, the reality is that the way that data is stored and managed makes it almost impossible to do. The biggest obstacle is that all the data for a single customer is not combined in the same place – and that’s where a single customer view could be a game changing investment.