Introducing the Single Customer View: What is it and how does it benefit data management?

One of the biggest problems that marketers face today is organising and managing the vast volume of data that has been generated about customers. There’s no doubt that using personalised marketing that is specifically targeted by segment is incredibly effective. However, the reality is that the way that data is stored and managed makes it almost impossible to do. The biggest obstacle is that all the data for a single customer is not combined in the same place – and that’s where a single customer view could be a game changing investment.

Why GDPR Compliance is good for your Marketing

The GDPR comes into force on 25th May this year. At that moment, the whole landscape of data privacy in the UK will shift, giving more rights to individuals and placing more of a focus on privacy by design. Plenty has been said about the challenges that this presents for marketers – but what about the opportunities?

If Facebook have data problems who is going to care if I fail to GDPR Comply?

Facebook’s issues with data privacy seem to be dominating the news cycle right now. The social media giant finds itself in hot water for allowing companies like Cambridge Analytica to harvest the data from millions of its users to be employed for what many have described as “undemocratic processes.” But if a company that big can get into trouble with data compliance then surely there is a pass for much smaller businesses with fewer resources.