Push Marketing

MarketDeveloper’s digital toolset links your app to an SCV, giving you access to all essential data feeds and pushing “true, recent and relevant” information about the customer to the AdServer.

Travel CRM

Although CRM Solutions are flexible and can be customized to suit almost any brief, travel companies benefit more than most from CRM Implementation.

The Future of Social CRM

Social CRM has entered the marketing lexicon and is widely acknowledged as being the future of both marketing and customer relationship management.

MarketDeveloper Review in Database Marketing

“As a genuinely marketing-focused hosted CRM application, MarketDeveloper has long stood alone as a mature, high performance solution.”

Conversation Manager

MarketDeveloper as an application serves as the heart of your marketing conversations. Via highly sophisticated online portals MD v5.1 allows users to engage their customers in real, ongoing and two way conversations.

10 Advantages of Cloud

Cloud Computing is here to stay. The majority of experts predict that by 2020 most people will work almost exclusively on internet applications. Find out why in our top 10 advantages of Cloud Computing.

MarketDeveloper V5.1

MD v5.1 is a Cloud based CRM software that acts as a hub for all marketing data and information. The solution is powerful, flexible and highly configurable, providing a truly marketing focused CRM Solution.

Retention Strategy

Acquiring new customers can cost as much as five times more than retaining current customers. In this article we explore the importance of developing and maintaining an efficient customer loyalty programme.


Security is of paramount importance when dealing with data of any kind. This guide offers useful tips and advice on how to protect yourself and your business and what to do if the worst happens.