BlueVenn is the leading Customer Data Platform, analytics and omnichannel marketing solution with over 400 installations worldwide.

…And now, MarketDeveloper is fully integrated with BlueVenn to provide a full solution for all your data management, analytics and marketing automation requirements.


Data Management and Single Customer View

Single Customer ViewThe BlueVenn Customer Data Platform gives your marketing team the power to integrate data sources from across the business, using automated point-and-click methods, and will unify your data to create a Single Customer View and a ‘Golden Record’ for every customer. See it as the memory of every click, open, visit, like, transaction or interaction with your brand, all tied to a single deduplicated customer record and shared with all your CRM, reporting and marketing systems.

The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform is the first and only automated, customisable and configurable Single Customer View application, giving you unparalleled control of your data for better personalisation and more accurate, consistent marketing. It ensures that time is never wasted cleansing, matching or preparing data, and campaigns never grind to a halt because the data is slowing things down. Data loaders, ETL templates and real-time extensions make connecting your data sources easy. Plus with new GDPR and data privacy management tools for handling SARs, portability, and the full deletion of customer data, it helps to mitigate the potentially costly risk of mishandling customer data. This is a truly marketer managed Customer Data Platform!

Analytics, Segmentation and Predictive Insights

BlueVenn Customer AnalyticsMove over data scientists! BlueVenn’s Omnichannel Marketing Automation platform puts business-changing analytics into the hands of everyday marketers. Predictive insights, RFV analysis and other pre-built analytics help you understand your customers better. Then simple drag & drop data visualisations enable you to create hypertargeted segments, campaign selections and audiences like never before. Need to know who your best customers are? And segment them by channel? Need to better understand attribution? Want to find out which customers are about to churn? And why? Which campaigns have worked best? What is the perfect audience for my next marketing campaign?

Every question has an answer that is just a few clicks away. Dynamic graphs, charts, maps, Venn diagrams, bubbles and data blocks are all usable as visual, drag & drop tools to uncover patterns in behaviour, optimise campaigns and better understand the customer journey. Having marketer-friendly analytics and insights in BlueVenn’s Omnichannel Marketing Automation tools also means you can push these targeted segments straight into acquisition, crosssell, upsell and retention campaigns.

Marketing Automation and Integrations

BlueVenn’s Omnichannel Marketing Automation platform is the "air traffic control" command centre for all your online and offline marketing. It stitches your marketing channels together into one drag & drop campaign workflow, enabling you to create consistent, personalised marketing campaigns regardless of channel, device or platform. Across email, SMS, CMS/ecommerce, direct mail, social media, mobile, call centres, POS and advertising platforms we play nicely with everything! By integrating all your marketing channels into BlueVenn, it enables you to trigger next best actions and automate dynamic marketing campaigns that allow every channel to trigger every other channel.

Data flows back and forth, in real-time, enabling instant triggers based on clicks, opens, visits, views, time lapsed, responses, reviews, transactions and abandonments. Plus our new customer journey optimisation modules, customisable scoring rules, timebased rules, customer tags, and a real-time predictive engine, make it the most feature rich omnichannel marketing automation platform for B2C marketing.

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