Your Customers want to talk to you. Will you start the Conversation?

The World has changed. In a world of Marketing Automation your customers are bombarded by ‘noise’: your audience is flooded with around 3,000 messages a day*, including yours. As consumers you know we filter out noise. We now make purchase decisions and are influenced by what we read on the internet by social networks. Conversation and collaboration are seen as more reliable than marketing messages. Traditional advertisers and some marketing organizations still compile messages and ‘shout’ them at customers.

Conversation Marketing is widely regarded to be the future of Marketing Communications

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Conversation Manager from MarketDeveloper

Marketing should be a series of conversations. Conversation Manager from MarketDeveloper helps you achieve real, ongoing, two way communication with each customer. An online place for Brands and customers to have a personalised dialogue, Conversation Manager directly connects these conversations to the rest of the MD5 marketing platform. Now you can ensure your interaction is effective and authentic. So you can reflect the conversation in the marketing communications they receive- the classic ‘right message, right channel, right time’.

You can publish, share and collect any information between you the marketer and each consumer or contact, and capture it directly into your database, such as subscriptions, transactions, orders, offers, opinions and preferences’.

It makes business sense too- it increases the amount of usable, permissioned (and engaged) contacts you can recruit onto your database, cutting through the noise and making your communications far more effective.

MD v5.1 can be implemented rapidly- congratulations, you have a new two way channel with your audience!

*Union of Concerned Scientists website

Conversation Manager can help you…

Engage your audience

Changing technology has empowered the customer like never before. In order to stand out from the crowd your brand needs to prove it is truly listening. Conversation Manager is a simple, straightforward platform which allows you to truly engage your customers.

Improve brand perception

No-one likes to feel like their being ignored. By actively opening a two way channel with your contacts you can ensure your brand is always shown in the best possible light.

Gain valuable feedback

MDv5.1 is a marketing platform with a huge amount of functionality included for the price. As well as Conversation Manager users can also benefit from our Survey Manager feature, allowing you to conduct adhoc surveys and gain key insight quickly and effectively.

Keep data fresh

A database is only as good as the data it stores. By regularly communicating with your customers you ensure their information is kept fresh and relevant. Permissions, history, contact details and all other data you require is instantly update by Conversation Manager.

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