Combine the MarketDeveloper Single Customer View and BlueVenn Marketing Platform for the Complete Omnichannel Marketing Automation Suite

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Highly Intuitive and Easy to Learn

MarketDeveloper is incredibly easy to use and can be configured to suit your business needs exactly. Current clients include Travel Companies, Publishers, Tourism Bodies, Public Sector and more.

Fully CRM Integrated:

When you subscribe to MarketDeveloper you receive a full, end-to-end Marketing Platform. Every action you perform within MarketDeveloper updates your database in Real-time allowing you to track interaction history, keep your data dynamic and constantly improve ROI.

Data Loading Capability

MarketDeveloper allows you to pour all your information into a single database, tearing down outdated data silos and creating an intuitive Single Customer View.

Data De-duplication

As a fully customisable solution MarketDeveloper allows you to merge duplicated information and keep your information clean, focussed and targeted.

List Building

The Query Manager allows you to take vast amounts of data and gain coherence and form a highly targeted marketing strategy. Create productive based lists based on an almost limitless variety of parameters set by you.

Complete Single View of the Customer

With MarketDeveloper it has never been simpler to view an individual’s details, touch-points and preferences in a single tab, as well as within the wider context of your database.

Omnichannel Marketing

Communicate with your customers on their terms. The Campaign Manager functionality offers the chance to engage your customers over a variety of channels seamlessly. Create DM (Direct Marketing) emails, mobile campaigns, surveys and more from a single place.

Cloud Based

MarketDeveloper is fully hosted by MarketDeveloper ensuring you have access to your data anytime, anyplace and on any device. We are ISO Accredited for Data Security and a G-Cloud supplier to public sector and government departments.


The Solution provides high end, sophisticated reporting functionality which allows users to drill down into the results with an incredible level of detail. Clicks, Opens, Un-subscribes and full heat maps are available at the click of a mouse ensuring ROI is measurable and future campaigns perform even better!

Advanced Email Capabilities

Email Marketing remains the most effective form of digital marketing. With MarketDeveloper you can Design, Create, Edit and Test engaging Email Campaigns from within our incredibly simple Editor Platform. Fully Automated Marketing means exactly that; set up trigger based communication, schedule your campaign for later, split channels and configure to suit your needs.