Our fully integrated Mobile Marketing/Customer Relationship Management Solution will take your data and turn it into insight driven marketing.

Mobile Communication is increasingly seen as being the most powerful and effective way of marketing your business. 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop and if your brand isn’t taking advantage of the Mobile Revolution then it is falling behind.

MarketDeveloper v5.1 offers you the possibility of conducting highly personalised Mobile Marketing campaigns quickly and effectively. Our Cloud Based solution is a fully integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Marketing Platform, which means your marketing campaigns update your database in Real Time, allowing you to track, refine and configure your Mobile Campaigning to an astonishing degree.

As an end-to-end Marketing Solution MarketDeveloper v5.1 allows you to:

  • Conduct highly powerful Queries to build the perfect contact list for your campaign
  • Preview and test all messages
  • Send the campaign out immediately or schedule it based on multiple parameters
  • Analyse responses and engagement in real time, on any device with an internet Connection.

Your brand can benefit from Mobile Marketing!

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Reasons to pick MarketDeveloper

Good Value

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is available for a low monthly subscription fee. MDv5.1 is a complete marketing platform with a huge amount of functionality included for your money. As well as Mobile Marketing this includes: CRM Database, Email Marketing, Conversational Marketing, Survey Management, Salesforce and Outlook Integration, Analytics and Reporting.

Fully Integrated

When you send a Mobile Marketing campaign from within v5.1 your Database tracks every single text sent, allowing you to track all responses. The entire process is fully automated, meaning all surveys and preference centres update in Real Time.

Cloud Based

MD v5.1 is fully hosted by MarketDeveloper, meaning there is no invasive or expensive set up required on your part. This also means you are able to launch Mobile Campaigns from any device with an internet connection. You could launch a campaign in the morning and track the results on the train to a meeting!

Personalised Content

Our editor tab allows you to fully personalise your content, from the greeting to the call to action! As well as this once you are happy with your campaign you can Test until you are 100% happy with what you are sending out.

Add SMS to your Marketing Strategy today!

For a free, 10 minute demonstration of our mobile marketing functionality, and everything else MD v5.1 is capable off please click here.