A Single Customer View gives you a coherent, accurate and holistic view of your customers’ behaviour across multiple business channels.

It’s an interesting question. As marketers we like to think we are capable of gaining a truly coherent understanding of the people we market to; we appreciate their needs and desires and are able to cater to them. However in a world of big data and automated marketing it can be difficult to connect to our customers as effectively as we’d like.

By gaining a truly flexible, coherent and powerful Single Customer View you can win new customers and delight current ones with excellent service. MarketDeveloper places the individual at the heart of its Marketing Database.

Whilst the Single Customer View provides vital insight what really matters is what you do with this insight. MarketDeveloper v5.1 is a complete Marketing Solution meaning as well as providing you with a true understanding of your customers we also give you the tools to effectively communicate with them.

The Single Customer View provided by MarketDeveloper allows you to see all your contact’s touch points in a clear, functional interface. You can easily navigate and amend an individual’s contact details and marketing preferences, upload relevant files, track interaction history as well as place them in coherent behavioral segments within your database.

MarketDeveloper is a fully integrated Marketing Database Solution. All data within the Single Customer View can be Campaigned upon providing a complete, end-to-end Marketing Solution.

Understand your customers…

To find out more about how MarketDeveloper can give you a true Single View of your customers, or if you’d like a chat about any aspect of your Marketing Process then please click here.

We Can Help You…

Achieve a true 360 view of your customers

All contact information is stored in an intuitive and easily amendable single interface which updates in Real Time. As a cloud based solution all you need to run MDv5.1 is a browser and an internet connection.

Improve Customer Engagement

“Knowledge is power” by keeping all your customer data and preferences in a single place MarketDeveloper ensures you listen to your customers. By viewing customer preferences, permissions and interaction history you are always in the know.

Gain a better understanding of individual preferences and behavior

You can track all trends and changes made within your database ensuring superior insight and marketing knowledge. You are able to access sophisticated Reports and Analytics ensuring a better ROI.

Perform highly targeted marketing campaigns

MarketDeveloper is a fully integrated Marketing Solution which means you are able to perform highly powerful marketing campaigns at the click of a button.

Sort contacts by value

By tracking all history, interactions and preferences you are able to segment and prioritise your data which maximizes your efforts whilst keeping data fresh and clean.

Is MarketDeveloper perfect for your brand?

Your brand deserves to be seen at its best. To find out how MarketDeveloper can give you unparalleled insight into your data, automate your sales and marketing process and allow you to truly communicate with your contacts click here.