There are at least 10 ways MarketDeveloper V5.1 can help solve your customer engagement challenges.

MD5 (MarketDeveloper V5.0) gives you in one place an intuitive web based ‘app’ for your contacts and all their touch-points with your brand, their history, buying habits, detailed profiles plus friendly tools to select campaigns, communicate via web, mobile, email plus a results dashboard.

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Our business model is simple: No capex budget is required- low cost  fixed price set up and a monthly subscription that represents stunning value.

MD5 application is highly affordable and will cost less than your current systems, releasing more funds for creative marketing.

You can access MD5 from anywhere and from any web browser- laptop, smartphone, tablet. Its as open and friendly as your ipad. No more infrastructure or hidden costs just a secure, agile application.

Fact: You are top of the queue with MarketDeveloper. Our clients get guaranteed availability, support and a range of available services.

Don’t want to manage your own data or campaign execution? MarketDeveloper Customer Services team can provide a complete managed service with best in industry productivity and value.

To find out more about Conversational Marketing, click here.

MD5’s rapid deployment gets you live in just days, with all the functionality you need and no painful development costs.