The Most Common CRM Headaches

Earlier this year Gartner announced that the top priority for IT spending in 2013/14 is Customer Relationship Management software. This is unsurprising and reflects a shift in the culture of a lot of organisations. The focus has moved to customer satisfaction and a more targeted approach to marketing. In a world where the customer is empowered and informed it is crucial for companies to adapt and CRM, and in particular Social CRM, is the perfect way to do this.

Accidental Social Marketing

Perhaps you’re referring to the retail store…

John Lewis has long held a reputation for good marketing. Their saccharine sweet Christmas adverts are becoming a yearly tradition, sparking praise and parody in equal measure, both of which are good for the brand. This year however, there has been a different kind of marketing victory for the retail company, and it comes in the form of a social media mishap…

John Lewis Tweets

The Three Year Marketing Campaign

Are we about to witness one of the most elaborate and bizarre viral marketing campaigns?

Over the past few weeks certain corners of the internet have been ablaze with speculation, conspiracy and murmur. This is no new occurrence as, along with petit in-fighting, this is what internet forums are for. What makes this case more interesting is that it concerns a topic that has been three years in the making and has really captured the imagination with its exciting and vaguely sinister air.

True Conversational Marketing

The days of one way traffic are dead. The days of shouting marketing content at consumers are dead. In a world of social media and consumer empowerment your customers want to make their voices heard and they expect their brands to provide a way for them to do so. Conversational marketing is a premise devised by Steven Van Belleghem that states that in order to perform effective and profitable marketing in the modern world brands need to engage in a real, ongoing and two way conversations with their customers.

Using CRM to reflect your brand

One of the most important factors in driving customer loyalty is how a brand is perceived. In a world of CRM, social media and real time responses the importance of perception is huge. A relatively small and insignificant brand can go viral and a well established brand can stumble into PR disaster, leaving its reputation dented.

YouTube videos for SaaS CRM

YouTube videos are a useful and relatively simple way for SMEs dealing in SaaS CRM such as MarketDeveloper to promote their company, explain in more detail about the product and address any technical difficulties current clients may be experiencing.