How can you utilise Big Data as part of your CRM strategy?

Plenty of questions have been asked in recent months when it comes to the efficacy of big data analytics. Is it really the revolutionary change that was promised or just another fad that will soon fade? The reality is that big data is here to stay but, as is often the case, many businesses have rushed straight in to engaging with it without much of a plan. The key with big data is to apply it to a problem. If you have a problem to solve then big data can be incredibly useful.

How could Big Data improve your data and campaign management?

The era of big data is well and truly upon us. And, while some businesses already seem to be thriving in its slipstream, others have yet to dip a toe in this enormous pool. The reason for hesitancy is often the overwhelming volume of the data and the perceived effort involved in analysing and using it. However, the reality is that you don’t have to wade straight in and tackle everything in one go – you can start small, for example with the data from web hosting software or social media.

How is CRM as we know it affected by Big Data?

Big data is still a fairly new concept in the world of data management, but in Customer Relationship Management, it has a strong effect on the way data is used. Manging data effectively can give businesses insight into how customer experience and overall satisfaction can be improved, which is essential for driving sales. Despite the benefits of using big data, some companies are wary of utilising it, and fail to create a CRM strategy. If you have concerns within your business about big data integration within your CRM, here are some basic things to help your understanding.