What is Cloud SaaS (software as a service)?

Cloud computing is here to stay, studies have shown that most  in-house systems will start becoming obsolete over the next few years. Given the massive advantages of cloud based software it is not difficult to see why. One of the most common forms of cloud computing is Software as a Service (SaaS) which in many ways is the most logical utilisation of cloud technology.  Software as a Service Cloud is a software distribution model where applications are hosted entirely by the service provider, clients then access the services over the internet.

True Conversational Marketing

The days of one way traffic are dead. The days of shouting marketing content at consumers are dead. In a world of social media and consumer empowerment your customers want to make their voices heard and they expect their brands to provide a way for them to do so. Conversational marketing is a premise devised by Steven Van Belleghem that states that in order to perform effective and profitable marketing in the modern world brands need to engage in a real, ongoing and two way conversations with their customers.